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”I met Taylor in April 2016. I had been admitted to the highest level of medical care in the country concerning eating disorders. I was on a feeding tube that had been placed in 2014 and was down to 75 pounds. Being alone and many miles from home contributed significantly to the anxiety that I felt during my treatment. However these fears were assuaged by the absolute five star quality of the medical personnel who passionately worked there. Amongst the multiple visits a day from the rest of my recovery team Taylor was my speech therapist. It was quickly apparent that not only did she have a personal interest in seeing me recover, she possessed a wide array of knowledge ranging from muscles and pressures of swallowing food, to the body’s responses via the autonomic and sympathetic nervous system while facing extreme duress. It is now 2018 and I have made leaps and bounds in my outpatient recovery, able to do many things that I believed I’d never achieve. I owe my life to my treatment team in Denver, and specifically to Taylor who has kept in touch and encouraged me in the years following my discharge from the program.”


"It is no surprise to me that Taylor is leading the way. We met when my 30 year old son suffered a traumatic brain injury. After repeatedly listening to many tell us that he would remain in a vegetative state for the rest of his life, Taylor was one of very few that told us she would work with him, against the status quo to get him healthy and independent, swallowing, talking, controlling his body again. And she did. There are too many ways to list, how she helped accomplish this. While he was in the hospital for six months, Taylor came to visit not only for her appointments  with him, but whenever she could make time for it. She is dedicated to giving her patients all she's got and more. After years of doctors, hospitals, therapists, alternative care, Taylor still stands out from the rest. This is what leaders are made of. Taylor is close to our hearts and always will be. LOVE and success; was given us, and now we wish the same for you and your company!"


"Cynthia is a very dedicated and professional person. She is able to multitask and not skip a beat. Her love of the work she does is amazing. Anyone who is fortunate enough to partner with her will go places and succeed."


"I had the privilege of getting to know Cynthia as a therapist handling some memory problems I was having. I found her to be one of the most congenial I have ever met. She taught me a lot and she helped me with my memory problems. Her brain games were great. I also became a good friend of hers. Thank you Cynthia for everything; you are great." 


"I was a patient of Taylor Seitz. I was unable to swallow after surgery and needed a feeding tube. I saw her about 15 times, and was able to have the tube removed. She is reliable, friendly, patient, and actually made my experience tolerable and mostly fun. I would highly recommend her to anyone."


"I worked with Cynthia and Taylor and know that they have great expertise as speech language pathologists! Highly recommend!"


"I have worked as a student under Cynthia, and can’t recommend her slp services enough! She is knowledgeable, empathetic and a great advocate for her patients."